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Research buying tickets to a Boca Juniors game on the Internet and you’d think the only way to do it is 1) show up an hour or so before hand to buy them on the street and just hope that you aren’t sold fake tickets, 2) buy really expensive tickets with a transfer from your hotel and a guide that explains the game to you, 3) know someone who works for a multinational that has season tickets they aren’t using and get lucky.

We’d been wanting to go to a Boca game at La Bombonera, Boca’s famous stadium, for some time, so when four San Telmo Lofters also wanted to go, we decided it was time to figure it out once and for all. In this video shot at the Boca-Racing match, I’ll tell you how to get tickets at the regular price and show you footage of the game and the amazing fans. The key points are also outlined here below.

Two Options for Advanced Ticket Purchases

There are ways to get tickets in advance, but both options seemed really expensive to us. Still, some people might prefer the security of buying tickets ahead of time and being escorted to and from the stadium.

  1. Boca Experience – The Boca Juniors website implies that the only way tourists can purchase tickets is through Boca Experience. The prices range from $150 US to $400 US (for RiverBoca games). The BocaRacing game that we attended would have cost us $200 US each if we’d purchased through Boca Experience.
  2. Football Passion – I found these guys through their Facebook page and contacted them to see what their offers were. They have much better prices than Boca Experience, ranging from 250 – 430 pesos. But we really didn’t want a transfer and guide for the whole game. (*Below a commenter has complained about their service.)

Certain there had to be another way, we asked around and found out how the locals do it.

la bombonera, boca stadium

Climbing to our seats.

How Boca Fans Get Tickets

Boca Ticket

Ticket to Boca v. Racing


Tickets to the game go on sale on the morning of game day. In our case, for a 7:00 PM game, the ticket office opened at 10:00 AM and we were told to get there about an hour early. We only got there 30 minutes early, so the cheapest tickets (those for 90 pesos) were already sold out. Also, each person is only allowed to buy two tickets, so if there are six people total going to the game, three people need to go to the ticket office.

Boca was playing Racing so the tickets weren’t as sought after as those for a BocaRiver match. The line to buy tickets was only about 30 minutes long.



Even in defeat, Boca’s fans rock on.

Our tickets cost 180 pesos and we were in Platea Media, Sector D (map of stadium seating). These same tickets would have cost 430 pesos with Football Passion. I loved our seats because we were right next to the popular section where Boca’s famous fans were. It was thrilling.

The ticket office is located on the corner of Palos and Villafañe, right down the road from La Bombonera. It’s only about 12 blocks away from us (a 15-minute walk or 5-minute cab ride).

Our Day at La Bombonera

The Boca Juniors vs. River Plate game is in two weeks. We’ll head to La Bombonera again to see if tickets can be purchased on game day, how early we need to get there, and what the tickets cost.

Have you guys ever been to a game at La Bombonera? How did you get your tickets?

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