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Most supermarkets and even most restaurants here in Buenos Aires carry the exact same wines. After four years of living here, I’m totally burnt out on Trapiche and Norton and even the pricier ones like Luigi Bosca and Ruttini.

Plus, John and I do a lot of cooking at home. We tend to cook things we can’t find easily in Buenos Aires like Mexican food, Asian dishes, Indian cuisine, and, of course, Cajun food. Spicy stuff most of it, and Argentines are notorious for not liking spicy (they think black pepper is too hot).

We wanted to find a great wine to pair with the types of foods we love. We also wanted to taste it first. We would have to go to several places (and parts of town) to get the ingredients for our spicy shrimp Thai curry and then spend hours making the dish, so we wanted the wine to be the right one.

Anuva Wine Tastings in Buenos Aires

Daniel pours another glass.

So we went to our second wine tasting at Anuva Wines (affiliate link) because we were so impressed the first time (we blogged about it here). Anuva Wines only deals with boutique wineries and Daniel, the owner of Anuva pictured above, knows his stuff (see Anuva Wine’s Knowledgebase for tons of information on Argentinean wines). We came home with a bottle of Amadores Pinot Noir (not a very common varietal here in Argentina, the land of Malbec).

Wine Tasting at Anuva Wines

You’ll hear Daniel in our video below call this Pinot Noir a “dirty, dirty wine.” It does have an earthiness to it. He told us it would pair well with mushroom dishes (the more obvious choice) and spicy food. One taste and we knew we’d found a wine we’ll have again and again.

The pairing was perfect and we wouldn’t have gotten this suggestion from other wine tastings here in Buenos Aires. We’ve gone to a few tastings in wine shops here in San Telmo. But since they’re run by Argentines and since Argentines don’t really like spicy food, you can’t ask for suggestions on unique wine pairings. Every Malbec goes well with red meat. Pinot Noirs are great with cheese. But what to do when you feel like eating Mexican and aren’t in the mood for beer. The crew there at Anuva can tell you.

Anuva Wine Tastings in Buenos Aires

Delicious food is paired with Anuva’s boutique wines.

Anuva’s Wine Club & Wine Store

Recently a couple who spent their honeymoon in San Telmo Loft wrote asking us to suggest an Argentinean wine they could buy to celebrate their first anniversary. Like here, most U.S. supermarkets carry the same wines and they wanted something unique. We suggested Anuva’s Wine Store because they hand select their wines and we’ve never had one that wasn’t great.

What are your favorite Argentinean wines? Where do you go to find great boutique wines?

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        • Alan

          August 14, 2012, 12:01 pm Reply

          Thanks Angela!

          Next time I have a Mexican fiesta I’ll let you know.

        • Alan

          August 10, 2012, 2:21 pm Reply

          Something about not getting your hands on certain things forces you to make things from scratch. Can you divulge the secret of how to make sour cream?

        • Angela @SanTelmoLoft

          August 10, 2012, 7:37 pm Reply

          So true. We’ve learned to make our own chili powder, bagels, thai curries, naan, and bread in general.

          The sour cream recipe came from Katie Metz of the Seashells and Sunflowers blog. A large container of Casancrem, lemon juice (I usually use half a lemon and then add a bit more as I taste), and a dash of garlic powder. Whip it all together. It might even be better than regular sour cream.

          Suerte! Let us know how it turns out.

        • Imene

          November 7, 2010, 10:02 pm Reply

          I love reading your posts. I am living in Argentina vicariously ;o)
          I find one of the hardest part of being expat is to find your marks food-wise. I still can’t find a lot of products I used to cook with and I’ve been in the US for 7 years. But it is getting better every year ;o)

        • Angela @SanTelmoLoft

          November 8, 2010, 12:48 pm Reply

          That is so true. We’ve learned to make sour cream and have found the spots for buying Mexican food items and spicy things for our Cajun dishes. It takes time, but the fun part is sometimes learning to make something from scratch that you would never otherwise have tried to do. Oh… we’ve even made bagels.

          Thanks for stopping by, Imene!

        • Andi

          October 13, 2010, 1:20 pm Reply

          Looks fantastic. Ummm Malbec!

        • Angela @SanTelmoLoft

          October 13, 2010, 1:29 pm Reply

          Andi… your blog is gorgeous. Great photos. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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