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We went to a free wine tasting last Friday. A local shop here in San Telmo sent me an invite to a free tasting, so I passed it on to all of our guests. A group of about 12 of us showed up. I think we shocked them. So many people. So many foreigners. It was nice (or better, it was free), but it can in no way compare to Anuva Wine Tastings (affiliate links), which I’ve written about twice before and for good reason. First off, there wasn’t enough wine. Secondly, the only pairing was cheese. Third, only one bodega was represented. And fourth, they didn’t have enough wine really for all the people that showed up (remember, it was free).

Fun Times with Anuva Wines

Fun Times with Anuva Wines. Best Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires.

So I’m recommending Anuva Wine Tastings again because at Anuva you do more than taste a variety of fabulous wines from boutique wineries. The Anuva team is excellent at understanding the level of knowledge their guests have regarding wine, in general, and Argentine wine, in particular. They ask and answer questions. They take their time. They are not just there to sell you a bottle or two of wine (though you most certainly can purchase wines while you’re there). And these aren’t standard wines you’ll find in any ‘ole wine store. These are boutique wines personally selected by the Anuva team.

Wine Tastings that Educate and Entertain

What I appreciated about the last wine tasting I attended at Anuva was how Cara, the sommelier, teaches the guests what to look for in a wine and how everyone there was having a great time smelling, tasting, looking. Cara knows wine. She studied at the London School of Wine and Spirits with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust back in the UK.

Cara of Anuva Wines in Buenos Aires

Cara of Anuva Wines in Buenos Aires

Cara also knows delivery. She’s engaging and fun. We all left there in a big group headed out to another spot down the road to keep enjoying each other’s company.

Cara of Anuva Wines, Best Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires

Part of the fun is meeting the other guests at Anuva Wine Tastings.

When the reds are poured, all three are poured at the same time. They’re given some time to open up and then Cara invites the guests to study their differences. And though I haven’t mentioned the pairings yet, let me tell you that the final pairings were amazing. Ecuadorian and Venezuelan chocolates that are out of this world.

Comparing Argentinean Reds

Comparing boutique red wines from Argentina.

Anuva has changed places since the last time I wrote. They’re now located in the heart of Palermo Soho. They’ve expanded. The Reserve, the name of their new location, also hosts lots of great local events so check out The Reserve’s Facebook page to stay on top of what’s coming up.

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The New Venue and Hot Gastronomic Trends

We were there on Saturday for the opening night of a new closed-door restaurant by one of my absolute favorite food bloggers in town, The Lost Asian. Her closed-door restaurant is called The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen. What a treat we had on Saturday. Amazing sauces with spice! Hand rolled dough. Lovely Asian flavors. And the lime ice cream and chocolate cake were divine!

We’re planning to go back to The Reserve soon for another new closed-door experience of Texas barbecue by El Tejano. We’ve had his hot sauce, so if his barbecue is as good as his hot sauce, I think John will make me go back again and again.

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