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Aramburu is the best dining experience I’ve had in Buenos Aires. The food and presentation are exceptional. The service can be great or it can leave much to be desired. The price is too high, but if you can afford it, it really is a wonderful dining experience.

Ribeye at Aramburu in San Telmo

Look at the doneness of that ribeye and those foamy potatoes.

Aramburu serves a tasting menu of roughly ten dishes of the most amazing molecular gastronomy served with Argentine influences and local products. And for the most part, I would never be able to recreate these dishes at home, and I’m a pretty good cook.

Liquid Nitrogen Dessert at Aramburu in San Telmo

Liquid nitrogen poured over a passion fruit dessert.

Liquid nitrogen, smokers, roto vapor, hot stones, foams, and plenty of other techniques I don’t know the names of blew away the two other restaurants that serve molecular gastronomy here in San Telmo: La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar and El Banqueano. I greatly enjoyed both of those restaurants, but I will never forget Aramburu.

Amuse Bouche at Aramburu in San Telmo

Creative service ware even for the amuse bouche.

Both times I’ve gone, the meal began with a variety of amuse bouches before heading into the soup, salad, and savory dishes, with a grand finale of gorgeous desserts.

The service ware for the cauliflower soup feels very molecular.

The menu changes with the season. The same molecular techniques applied to new dishes and ingredients depending on what’s fresh.

Molecular Gastronomy and Art at Aramburu in San Telmo

A stainless steel pot and a hot lava stone at the bottom. Part of the creative presentation and molecular techniques.

I loved the flavors, and I also loved the service ware. So creative and beautiful. They say you eat with your eyes. At Aramburu, I wanted to take notes for quirky ideas for my next dinner party. Could we use our little votive candle holders to cover smoked prawns on a wooden dish?

Smoked Prawns at Aramburu in San Telmo

Smell the smoky vapor before tasting the delicate flavors. My favorite dish.

You lift up the glass container and the smoky flavor fills your nose. Before even tasting the dish, it’s heaven to the senses.

Breakfast in a Martini Glass at Aramburu in San Telmo

Breakfast in a martini glass: poached egg, croissant foam, lamb pan sauce, toasted sliced almonds and bacon.

I never felt like the presentation overpowered the flavors of the dish. Each was delicate, perfectly done, and if you opt for it, paired with hard to find Argentinean wines that you’ll be delighted to have discovered.

Wine Pairings at Aramburu in San Telmo

Exquisite wines and generous pours if you opt for the wine pairings. I recommend it.

Aramburu is located on the extreme limits of San Telmo in what most would refer to as San Cristobal or even Constitucion. It’s not the best neighborhood, so take a taxi there and let them call you a taxi when you leave.

Aramburu Kitchen

Working in the kitchen at Aramburu.

If you’re looking for an impressive, unique and romantic dining experience while you’re in Buenos Aires, this is the place. But do make sure you reserve far in advance. It’s a small, intimate dining area with about ten tables and beautiful lighting. Reserve long before your arrival if you want a table. It’s pricey, but worth it: 280 pesos per person without wine pairings.

Intimate Dining at Aramburu in San Telmo

Intimate dining space with about ten tables. Reserve early.

Notable Reviews of Aramburu

The Lost Asian wrote up a great review with gorgeous photos. And Dan Perlman, the most prolific food critic in Buenos Aires, posted his review just a few weeks ago. He wasn’t as wowed as I was.

Because spending 280 pesos, or 500 pesos if you include wine pairings, per person is not something you do every day, read the reviews of Aramburu on Trip Advisor, too. And for the local take on Aramburu, check out the reviews on Guia Oleo. With all of this information, you should be able to tell if you’d like Aramburu as much as I have.

Naty, Gonzalo, and I went for John’s birthday. Next year, we’ll go for mine.


We went back in November 2012. There were six of us. We ordered the wine pairings with the tasting menu. The bill came with 10 bottles of water at 22 pesos each added on. There is no way the six of us drank ten bottles of water and all of that wine. Not sure if this is a scam, but I just want to warn people in case this is common practice.

Food: Amazing *****
Ambiance: Intimate *****
Service: Very Good **** (Servers are great. Sommelier isn’t.)

Price: Very Expensive (250 pesos per person or 500 pesos per person with wine pairings) *Prices have gone up significantly since posted. Closer to 600 pesos per person now with the wine pairings.
Barrio: San Telmo (I’d say it’s San Cristobal or Constitucion, but whatever)
Address: Salta, 1050
Phone: 4305-0439
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, from 8:30 pm
Payment Methods: American Express and cash (10% discount if paid in cash)


Got any other recommendations for romantic dining in Buenos Aires? Share your ideas below.

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