Soulful San Telmo Loft

Soulful One-Bedroom Loft in San Telmo

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The iconic Loft, our first vacation rental, is how our story begins. It had to match the vibe of San Telmo, and it does: bohemian, soulful, loved. It’s our most romantic spot (honeymoon haven), and, like our other vacation rentals,  it’s quiet, stylish, and affordable. 

Our collection of hand-picked vacation rentals has grown over the past six years, and it all started with The Loft when Angela moved to Buenos Aires and was looking to rent a furnished apartment. Most places had zero style, furnished with what seemed like every odd piece family members could throw in, broken or not, unwanted furniture stuck randomly in an apartment with zero consideration for space or style. Others were furnished as if out of a catalog, no personality.


Living Room of San Telmo Loft

The futon here in the living room is where a third person can sleep. It’s a hard mattress, but really comfortable if you like hard mattresses.


We sought to create spaces that have a style, a distinct style. San Telmo is the most bohemian barrio of Buenos Aires. You won’t be able to forget that you are indeed just two blocks away from Plaza Dorrego, home to the famous Sunday Antique Fair.

Our reupholstered sofa inspired the rest of the design of The Loft. When we dropped it off at the upholsterers, he thought we’d lost our minds. But when we went back to pick it up, he said having the sofa sitting in the front of his shop was a customer magnet.

Antiques in San Telmo Loft

The antique iron is just for decoration. We have a modern one, too.


Massively high ceilings allowed us to put in the upstairs bedroom. Parquet floors turn to a metal grate which lets in more light from below. We left the end wide open to create a more airy and spacious ambiance looking out onto the living room.

Bedroom of San Telmo Loft

A cozy upstairs bedroom. It stays very warm in winter and the AC you see keeps everything cooled off in summer.

We also added an en-suite bathroom upstairs with an awesome shower and a small vanity space with an antique brass sink we found in the barrio.

Bronze Sink of San Telmo Loft

The bronze sink in the upstairs bathroom.

The sofa separates the main living area from the kitchen, desk space, and downstairs bathroom. So while it’s all one big open space, each section has its purpose. We created intimate spaces where one of you can plug in your phone to the speakers and listen to music, while the other lounges on the sofa and reads a book.

The Kitchen of San Telmo Loft

Colorful tiles in the kitchen were inspired by the textiles on the sofa.


The kitchen is one of our favorite parts of the whole apartment. We love the bright colors and the long bar. If you’re like us and you enjoy cooking even while on vacation, you’ll love heading to the famer’s market on Saturday to pick up some fresh produce or visiting the butcher in the San Telmo Market at Puesto 54 and coming back home for steak and wine.

San Telmo Loft Living Room

Looking down to the living room from the grated loft upstairs where the bedroom is.


The Loft is on the second floor of a characteristic turn-of-the-century building. Two blocks from Plaza Dorrego and two blocks from Puerto Madero, you’ll be within walking distance of two of the most in-demand neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Read about why we love this neighborhood in our blog post, I Love San Telmo. And to learn more about Puerto Madero, check out Rowing in Buenos Aires and La Reserva Ecologica.

You’ll want to explore San Telmo’s Casas de Tango, small traditional restaurants known as bodegones, old-fashioned bars known as bares notables, antique and vintage shops, and trendy new restaurants, cafes, and fancy boutiques. Day or night, San Telmo is full of activity.

 Learn more about The Loft or inquire about its availabilities.

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