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San Telmo Loft Is Expanding

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It’s been a year of big changes over here at San Telmo Loft. Not a lot of blogging has happened, but our vacation rentals in Buenos Aires have been running full steam ahead. And we are excited about some fabulous additions coming soon.

One change is that we are no longer renting out rooms. The Guesthouse is now one spectacular three-bedroom home at an amazing price. It’s our largest rental and, in many ways, it’s our most unique.

We’ve also changed property managers. Grisel Casin, a professional property manager in Buenos Aires for many years, is our newest addition to the team. She is also a great friend of ours. You’ll love her.


Grisel with returning guests Brad and Susan in The Gallery.

Grisel with returning guests Brad and Susan in The Gallery.


With a great team on the ground, we have been able to expand our collection, adding three new apartments in the next months, so stay tuned. The first one belongs to Grisel and we are calling it The Gallery on Defensa. We’re upping the ante. With quite a few one bedroom apartments already in our collection, we are delighted to offer this luxurious two bedroom/two bathroom dynamo.

We promise to remain selective and to vet each place thoroughly, always limiting our collection to roughly 10 spots per city.

If you have a vacation rental in San Telmo or near San Telmo that you would like for us to have a look at, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. 


New Orleans Collage

Great food, great architecture, cool cats. New Orleans. The French Quarter. Our first year.


The biggest change of the past year is that John, the cats, and I have moved to New Orleans. We’re closer to family and since we’re living in the French Quarter it feels a lot like San Telmo. Living in the historic district has softened the inevitable culture shock.


From our balcony in the French Quarter on Royal Street.

From our balcony in the French Quarter on Royal Street.

What’s Next?

Our next goal is to add a few more cities. We’ll need to find the San Telmo neighborhood of each new city, move there for a bit, get to know the area, and look for the apartments that match our vibe. We’ll look for unique, affordable apartments and keep our list to roughly 10 vacation rentals per city. We’re beyond excited to get started.

We’ve got plans for the first two cities. Do you have a city you’d like to explore? We’d be delighted to hear your suggestions.

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    • Earlene

      April 17, 2015, 5:04 pm Reply

      If you are planning a trip and want good eats, location of town, clean quarters,and lots and lots of good info, this is the website to check out

    • David

      May 22, 2014, 11:50 pm Reply

      Wishing you all the best. We loved our time in the Depto last year. Let me know when you have Nola rentals to offer.

    • Angela

      June 9, 2014, 7:10 pm Reply

      Thanks, David. We can’t wait to get working on New Orleans. It’s got so much in common with San Telmo. We’ll keep you posted. Cheers!!

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