Definitely Go to Montevideo

I was blown away by Montevideo this past November. It has that bohemian, artsy vibe that I love about San Telmo but you feel like you are in a beach town. I'd been through the city a number of times on my way to the beaches further east, but I'd never actually spent any time there. [...]

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Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires

Comparison of a free wine tasting and Anuva wine tastings. Boutique wines with a knowledgeable, friendly sommelier in a beautiful new space.

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Live Stand-up Comedy in English in San Telmo on Tuesdays

GrinGo! Live stand-up comedy in English, comedy that porteños won't understand, is in San Telmo above Cafe Rivas every Tuesday night at 9pm.

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Fuerza Bruta Wayra Tour

We saw Fuerza Bruta's Wayra show last June in Luna Park. This year it's a good reason to head to Rosario or Cordoba to catch this invigorating show.

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New Year’s in Buenos Aires

If you're coming to Buenos Aires for Christmas or New Year's, you'll want to plan ahead. Here's our advice for travelers on a budget.

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Traveling in Argentina, Tips from the Best

Take an overnight bus to Iguazu. Bike from Patagonia to Alaska. Drive from North America to South America. Or hang out in Buenos Aires for three full months. The best tips come from our past guests.

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Summer in Buenos Aires

Some restaurants and shops close for part of or all of January, but there’s still plenty to do. Every summer, the city of Buenos Aires puts on an outdoor festival called La Ciudad al Aire Libre: Cultura para Respirar (The City Outdoors: Culture to Breathe). Rock, jazz, tango, theater, cinema, aerial tango dancers, I’ll highlight a few of the upcoming events below.

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Tierra Santa
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Christmas in Buenos Aires

So you’re coming to Buenos Aires for Christmas and New Year’s. What to do? First, pack shorts, a bathing suit and sandals cause it’s hot. Second, beat the heat by taking siestas so you can stay out late like the portenos (Buenos Aires residents) do. And third, visit Tierra Santa.

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