New Year’s in Buenos Aires

If you're coming to Buenos Aires for Christmas or New Year's, you'll want to plan ahead. Here's our advice for travelers on a budget.

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Feliz Dia del Boludo!

What’s a boludo, you ask? It’s basically an idiot, someone who’s not very bright. But the campaign for Dia del Boludo is doing its best to assert another definition: a boludo is someone who follows the rules. The opposite is a vivo, someone who’s clever and likely a cheat. Vivos look for opportunities to take advantage of others typically by breaking the rules.

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Vamos, Argentina!

During World Cup matches, this tenth largest city in the world is silent and ghostlike. Want to know why they love it so much? We translate an ad about Argentinean futball and point out the cultural clues that help you understand why soccer is as great a passion as tango.

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Argentinean Slang: Ni Un Sope

Did you know that sope means peso? Just reverse the two syllables PE and SO and you get SOPE . This type of Argentinean slang is called Lunfardo and we've put together a list of common vocabulary and expressions for talking about money here in Buenos Aires.

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Argentinean Asado 102: How do you like your steak?

How do you like your steak? One would think that here in the land of exquisite meat, a simple medium, medium rare, or well done would do the trick. If only that were the case.

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Che, Ponete las Pilas!

Yes, this post is long overdue. Let’s switch things around this time and start off with some expressions for entertainment. And, since we’ve had a lot of demonstrations (peaceful pot banging mostly), strikes (the ongoing farmers strike), and disagreements (the decidedly inept government of the Kirchners), we’ll use that as the theme. First off, our [...]

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Vos vs Tú: A Los Pedos

So you’ve been listening to your Spanish lessons as you drive to work or as you exercise at the gym. You practice rolling your r’s in the mirror every morning. You’ve stuck stick-it notes on the items in your house to help build your vocabulary.  As you open the refrigerator, you mouthe out the items: [...]

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Asking for the Check

Restaurant customs are different all over the world. For example, in Egypt, waiters tend to take your plates and drinks before you've finished. This always annoyed my ex-pat friends. I think they felt like we were being asked to leave. But you can stay at a table in Egypt as long as you like and you'll rarely [...]

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