Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires

Comparison of a free wine tasting and Anuva wine tastings. Boutique wines with a knowledgeable, friendly sommelier in a beautiful new space.

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Boutique Wines from Argentina

Most supermarkets and even most restaurants here in Buenos Aires carry the exact same wines. After four years of living here, I’m totally burnt out on Trapiche and Norton and even the pricier ones like Luigi Bosca and Ruttini. That's why we recommend Anuva Wines where you'll find excellent boutique wines and some fantastic pairing advice.

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Anuva Wines: Best Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires

We studied the various options for wine tastings in Buenos Aires. Anuva Wines came out the clear winner. Exceptionally professional, great wines from boutique wineries, excellent price, and wonderful pairings. We were blown away.

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About Us

San Telmo Loft is a boutique vacation rental service in Buenos Aires. We've hand picked each apartment in our small collection so that you don't have to spend hours weeding through the blah and mundane. Quirky and stylish, comfortable and quiet (a big plus in this noisy city), each listing is well-located and comes with our stamp of approval.

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