Boca Juniors Chants

in Castellano and in English


Dale BoĠ                                           Lets Go BoĠ (short for Boca)

Dale dale dale BoĠ                                              Go go go Bo '     

a todas partes voy con vos                                  wherever you go I go

te sigo de la cuna hasta el caj—n                          IĠll follow you from the cradle to the coffin

y te llevo adentro de mi coraz—n                         I carry you inside my heart

y dale BoĠ                                                           and go BoĠ

y dale dale Boca                                                 and go go Boca

y dale BoĠ y dale dale BoĠ                                   and go BoĠ and go go BoĠ

y dale BoĠ                                                           and go BoĠ

y dale dale Boca                                                 and go go Boca

y dale Boca                                                        and go Boca

y dale dale BoĠ. Bostero soy.....                          and go go BoĠ. *Bostero, I am....


*Bostero is a name commonly used for Boca fans. It means manure handler.


Hinchada Hay Una Sola                  *Hinchada ThereĠs Only One

Hinchada, hinchada,                                           Hinchada, hinchada,

hinchada hay una sola.                                       hinchada thereĠs only one.

Hinchada es la de boca,                                      Hinchada is the one of Boca,

las demas son pura joda.                                     the others are just a joke.


*Hinchada is a group of fans. No sense translating it.


Vamos Los Xeneizes                         Come On Xeneizes,
Vamos A Ganar                                WeĠre Gonna Win

Vamo, vamo los xeneize                                     LetĠs go, letĠs go xeneizes

vamo xeneize vamo a ganar                               LetĠs go xeneizes, weĠre gonna win.

somo la mita mas uno                                         **WeĠre half plus one.

somo el pueblo y el carnaval.                             WeĠre the people and carnival.

ÁBoca te llevo en el alma                                    Boca youĠre in my soul,

y cada d’a te quiero mas!                                    and every day I love you more.


*Boca fans are also called los xeneizes meaning Genovese because the founders of the team were from Genova.

**They say Boca fans make up half plus one of the population because so many Argentines are Boca fans.


River, Compadre                              River, *Man

River, River compadre,                                      River, River, man,

la conchadetumadre                                            **you bunch of mother fuckers.

River, river compadre,                                       River, River, man,

la conchadetumadre                                            you bunch of mother fuckers.

Siempre and‡s chamullando,                              ***YouĠre always talking shit,

siempre andas prometiendo                                youĠre always making promises.

cuando ven a la 12                                             When you come to the 12,

salen todos corriendo,                                         you all take off running,

salen todos corriendo!!!                                      you all take off running.


*Here I mean man in the sense of dude, buddy, hey man.

**The literal translation is Òthe pussy of your motherÓ but they use this saying the way we use mother fucker.

***Chamullar means to smooth talk. Seems the best translation is to talk shit in this case.



Todas Las Gallinas Son Asi              ThatĠs How Chickens Are

Las gallinas son asi                                             ThatĠs how chickens are,

Son las amargas de la Argentina                         the bitter one of Argentina.

Cuando no salen campe—n                                  When they arenĠt the champs,

esas tribunas estan vacias                                    their stands are empty.

yo soy de Boca se–or                                         IĠm from Boca, sir.

cantemos todos con alegria                                 We all sing with joy.

aunque no salgas campe—n                                 Even if we arenĠt the champs,

mi sentimiento no se termina                              my feelings do not end.


Compiled and translated by San Telmo Loft.